Terms & Conditions

Pre Course Information / Booking Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing HealthSafe Training Ltd to provide your training, we look forward to helping you with your training needs.

Health & Safety

Some of our training involves your participation physically. First Aid training is practical and active. We would normally expect participants to be capable of kneeling, bending, lying down, performing simulated CPR and able to take a full and active part by acting as casualties for both the trainer/s and each other. Please make the trainer/s aware, in the strictest confidence, of any chronic illness or condition that could potentially harm other participants on the course.

Please also ensure that any wounds/sores/eczema are FULLY covered to prevent cross-infection. If you feel uncomfortable or have any concerns whatsoever, please do not hesitate to inform our experienced trainer/s who may well have a strategy for helping you throughout the course. This is the same for other courses such as Moving & Handling of People/inanimate loads, First Aid Instructor Courses as well as others.


  • Some form of identification e.g. photocard driving license – essential!
  • Comfortable non-revealing clothing suitable for rolling around the floor, lifting & handling and getting dirty.
  • Warm/waterproof clothing & footwear (including hat & gloves) for outdoor courses, similar to above.
  • Adequate footwear – for practical elements and possible period on your feet.
  • Packed lunch and drink (for courses were none is provided).
  • Pen and paper for note taking should you decide.
  • Payment/Balance for the course if necessary!

Medical Fitness

If for any reason you feel sick or unwell, please DO NOT attend the course; we will welcome you on the next available one. This is for your own sake and to be courteous towards other candidates. Some of our training can be demanding, both physically and mentally, so attempting it when unwell and whilst infecting other people is unfair for all concerned!

In the unlikely event that a candidate is clearly unwell and putting other candidates and our trainers at risk of infection, we reserve the right to ask them to leave the course.

Medical Fitness is the only exception to our standard terms of business in terms of cancellation by you.


In order to meet the assessment standards of the course, it is essential that candidates attend every session and are punctual; mobile phones should be switched off and break times adhered to. If for any reason these guidelines are not complied with, HealthSafe Training Ltd may decide not to qualify a candidate.

Depending on the qualification being undertaken session times vary determined by the minimum ‘contact time’ (i.e. actual time training) each day and we may occasionally set homework between days or pre course material, prior to attendance.

Please note all courses include a 15 minute break in the morning & afternoon and 30 minutes for lunch.


All of our courses are accredited by the Awarding Organisation that specialises in the area of the training that has been booked. The awarding organisation will print and provide the certificates for their course. However if the course is an “in house” course then HealthSafe Training will issue the certificates on successful completion of the training (please note certificates are not released until invoicing is paid in full from the customer).

Any course that is booked and delivered to a “awareness” session, will be delivered mirroring the content of a accredited session but certificated with a HealthSafe Training Ltd bespoke certificate.

On successful completion of the course, all course paperwork is submitted by HealthSafe Training Ltd to the awarding organisation for verification and quality assurance. We pride ourselves in adhering to standards and high levels of practice delivery.

Domestic Arrangements

When HealthSafe Training Ltd deliver a course for an organisation at their premises, it is assumed that the organisation will be responsible for all domestic arrangements such as provision of the training room, refreshments, toilet facilities and so on. For public courses, HealthSafe Training Ltd will provide the training venue and ensure that refreshments and toilet facilities are available.


Standard Terms of Business


Unless agreed on booking, payment must be made and cleared by the candidate’s bank before a reservation will be confirmed. If agreed on booking, a deposit may also be requested (20% of total invoice amount exclusive of VAT), which is to be paid and cleared prior to delivery. Payment options include all major credit and debit cards, cheques and bank transfer. Invoices can be provided upon request. The candidate reserves the right to decline certain types of payment without reason. In the event that payment is not received HealthSafe Training Ltd reserves the right to cancel that reservation and make that place/s available again.

Course Cancellation by HealthSafe Training Ltd

HealthSafe Training Ltd accepts no liability if course dates have to be changed and/or cancelled, however maximum notice in this rare event will be provided. HealthSafe Training Ltd reserves the right to amend its prices without prior notice. Course Cancellation/Refunds by HealthSafe Training Ltd are rare, but in the event of course cancellation, HealthSafe Training Ltd will offer a alternative place on a suitable future course. In the event that this is unacceptable or inconvenient to the purchaser, a full refund will be given by HealthSafe Training Ltd, either by bank transfer or directly to the credit or debit card via which payment was received.

Course Cancellation by the Purchaser

In the event of course cancellation by the purchaser, the following proportion of the total amount due will be payable, the time periods below being from the course start date: –

  • 4 weeks (20 working days) or less – 50% of total amount due
  • 2 weeks (10 working days) or less – 75% of total amount due
  • 1 week (5 working days) or less – 100% of total amount due

For a series of courses the seller insists that cleared payment has been received in full for those that have already taken place before the next course start date in the series. In the event this does not take place HealthSafe Training Ltd reserves the right to cancel the remaining course/s, without notice.

Credit Card Security & Privacy Policy

Using your credit or debit card to pay for a course via either HealthSafe Training Ltd website or payment over the phone, is secure and administered by WorldPay who encrypt all information, ensuring that credit/debit card details are inaccessible to unauthorised persons, including HealthSafe Training Ltd, and therefore as safe as possible.

Other sensitive information, including personal details, will be utilised by Sage Pay to validate payment, otherwise remain confidential and will only be exchanged between the purchaser and seller.

Live records of customer personal details and credit card information following a completed transaction will be deleted.

As required by the UK Data Protection Acts, strict security procedures are adhered to in line with the sellers Data Protection Policy, which can be read here: (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1998/29/contents)